More than 100 billion won → 44G 24 losses – 27% win rate… Lampard’s resignation was natural

Everton officially announced on the club website on the 24th (Korean time), “Director Lampard has left the club. Thank you for his dedication for a year.” As a result, coach Lampard suffered the second hardship in his leadership career.

Lampard was a midfielder who represented England during his playing days. He possesses the skills that a midfielder can have to the maximum and even has the ability to score, so his utilization was very high. He left numerous achievements during his long-term stay at Chelsea and was even evaluated as one of the best players ever in the English Premier League (EPL). After a splendid player career, Lampard took over as manager at Derby County in 2018.

He made an impression at Derby and proved his potential as manager. He joined Chelsea in 2019. In his first season, despite being disciplined in the transfer market, he improved his performance and discovered promising players and received a passing grade. However, in his second season, he was sacked after repeated sluggish performances. Lampard, who left Chelsea, dreamed of a turnaround at Everton. He led the EPL to stay in the EPL by saving Everton from relegation last season.

Everton made a bold investment to support 온라인바카라. It spent a whopping 78.2 million euros (approximately 105 billion won) to bring in several resources, including Amadou Onana, Dwight McNeil, Neil Moffe, James Garner, and James Tarkovsky. Richarlison’s departure was a blow, but compared to teams of a similar level, it was clearly competitive. In his first full season at Everton with the club’s backing, Lampard failed to live up to his expectations.

He stayed at the bottom of the table throughout the season. He played 20 league games and scored only 15 points. There were only 3 victories and 11 defeats. The offense was sluggish and the defense was consistently shaky. Along with criticism that football is devoid of color and charm, coach Lampard was put on the defensive. After failing to escape the relegation zone and with no room for improvement, Everton sacked Lampard.

Coach Lampard, who received support of more than 100 billion won, recorded 12 wins, 8 draws and 24 losses in 44 official games at Everton. Each match was worth 1 point. The win rate was 27.3%. In the last 10 league games, 2 draws and 8 losses, the worst performance among European big league teams. It was astounding to be hardened just now.

In his five years as manager, Lampard went through three teams and managed 185 official games. He has been through several teams in a fairly short amount of time, but not many games. As much as that, Lampard’s leadership was disappointing. Although he was the best as a player, he is in a situation where he cannot be well-received as a manager. England’s ‘Telegraph’ advised, “Coach Lampard should carefully choose his next team. He is only walking downhill, and if he fails until the next team, his coaching career may end.”