‘Montas instead of Castillo’ New York Y’s choice → complete failure

Last summer, the New York Yankees chose Frankie Montas (30) instead of Luis Castillo (31), saving prospects in the trade market, and ended in complete failure.

The New York Yankees drew attention to both Castillo and Montas, who came to the trade market at the end of July last year. 스포츠토토 He intends to reinforce the mound by recruiting one of the two players.

At the time, the price of the trade was greater for Castillo. However, the difference between the two players was not enough to shake the immediate performance and the team’s future.

After the trade deadline, Castillo wore a Seattle Mariners uniform and Montas traded to the New York Yankees.

The result was a win for Seattle and a loss for the New York Yankees. Castillo went 4-2 with a 3.17 ERA, throwing 65 1/3 innings in 11 games since moving to Seattle.

After posting a 1.88 ERA with three runs in 14 1/3 innings in two postseason games, Castillo signed a five-year, $108 million contract with Seattle.

On the other hand, Montas, who had a shoulder injury, threw 39 2/3 innings in 8 games after moving to the New York Yankees, only recording 1-3 and an average ERA of 6.35.

In addition, Montas will undergo surgery on the 16th due to a shoulder injury. As a result, Montas was in danger of losing at least the first half of the 2023 season or the entire 2023 season.

The selection of the New York Yankees, which went out to reinforce the mound ahead of the trade deadline last year, is being concluded as a complete failure.