Moma & Kang So-hui 36-point joint venture’ GS Caltex wins shutout at Pepper Savings Bank without Oh Ji-young

GS Caltex lightly overpowered Pepper Savings Bank, which Oh Ji-young was missing, and continued their hopes of ‘spring volleyball’.

GS Caltex beat Pepper Savings Bank at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 5th with a set score of in the 5th round home game of the 스포츠토토 -League’ women’s division. On the 2nd, after washing away the shock of the 0-3 complete defeat against Hyundai E&C, he accumulated 36 points (12 wins, 14 losses), pushed KGC Ginseng Corporation (35 points, 11 wins, 15 losses) and rose one step from 5th to 4th place. MoMa (23 points) and Kang So-hui (13 points) took the lead in winning by collaborating with 36 points, and Yoo Seo-yeon (10 points) also contributed with a double-digit score.

One key player from both teams was missing. In GS Caltex, which is aiming for spring volleyball, outside hitter (left) Choi Eun-ji left the line ahead of the match due to a torn medial ligament in her left knee. Cha Sang-hyun, director of GS Caltex, said, “It was diagnosed that it will take four weeks to recover, but I think we need to see how it goes.”

Pepper Savings Bank played without Libero Oh Ji-young. Instead of recruiting Oh Ji-young from GS Caltex at the end of last year, Pepper Savings Bank handed over the first round nomination for the 2024-2025 season. To balance the trade, GS Caltex included a clause banning Oh Ji-young from participating in face-to-face matches this season only. Nevertheless, in the first confrontation since the trade in Gwangju on the 23rd of last month, Pepper Savings Bank defeated GS Caltex by a set score of 3-1.

However, the trade clause caused controversy because it could violate the player’s basic rights and the fairness of the league. The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) received the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to come up with an improvement plan and promised to revise the relevant rules, but said that it would be difficult to retroactively apply it to the Oh Ji-young trade. In the return match at Jangchung Gymnasium that day, Oh Ji-young kept the warm-up zone. Lee Kyung-soo, Acting Supervisor of Pepper Savings Bank, said, “He has a good fighting spirit and a great voice, which is very helpful to the team. I think he will do a good job as the cheerleader,” I expected, but it was not enough to present Seungri.

GS Caltex got on the trend with 7 consecutive points in the first set. In 4-2, Munhwa’s blocking and Han Suji’s serve were decisive. In 16-11, 5 consecutive goals, including Ahn Hye-jin’s blocking and MoMA’s serve, broke the opponent’s will to pursue.

The tight second set was also the responsibility of GS Caltex. In 18-14, which was pursued fiercely, MoMA’s great dig came out. Pepper Savings Bank Lee Han-bi’s ball hit the blocking wall and was about to fall onto the court, but MoMA threw herself to save it. Embarrassed, Pepper Savings Bank gave away points due to Nia Reid’s foul of a back attack. GS Caltex, who continued to lead, made the set score 2-0 with Yoo Seo-yeon’s open attack.

GS Caltex, who seized the victory, easily won the third set. In 8-7, MoMA’s back attack and Civilization’s blocking opened up the gap. GS Caltex, who kept the lead until the end, finished the game with Yoo Seo-yeon’s blocking and Civilization’s open attack. After the game, Coach Cha said, “I was in a bad mood in a difficult situation, but it would have been difficult if there had been a bad result. He seems to have passed the hurdle well,” he was delighted.