Mirae Asset Securities laughed at the edge of a cliff… Korea Professional Table Tennis League Korea League Women’s Champion Final Advancement

If you lose, you catch the rope in the game that ends the season. Mirae Asset Securities advanced to the Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) Korea League Women’s Championship Final.

Mirae Asset Securities won Samsung Life Insurance and KTTL Korea League Women’s Playoffs (PO) 2nd game at Studio T in Gwanggyo, Suwon on the 23rd with a match score of 3-2. Mirae Asset Securities, which finished third in the regular league and succeeded in ‘upset’ after two consecutive full matches, will play the first round of the championship match against ‘defending champion’ Posco International at 3:00 pm on the 24th at the same place.

Both teams showed a determined will ahead of the bloody battle over the single tree bridge that ended the season at the same time as the loss. According to Mirae Asset Securities, ace Jeon Ji-hee showed signs of body aches after the WTT star contender Goa and Singapore smash earlier this month, but was hit by an intravenous ringer two days in a row and suffered Bae Su-jin to participate in the match. Samsung Life changed the lineup by bringing out the Lee Si-on-Lee Chae-yeon card instead of Wi Ye-ji-Lee Chae-yeon메이저사이트, a doubles combination that had been in operation throughout this season.

Officials from both teams said, “The key is doubles. The victory of Mirae Asset Securities Jeon Ji-hee and Samsung Life Insurance Joo Chun-hee, who will play 1 and 2 matches, respectively, is likely. As in the first game, he emphasized the importance of doubles, saying, “If you laugh in the 3rd match, which is doubles, you can easily go to the 4th match and win without going to the 5th match.”

The variable in the first match between Jeon Ji-hee and Lee Si-on, the ‘national team’, was the lighting. Jeon Ji-hee, who took the first set 11¤5, made it 3-3 in a situation where she lost 0-3 in the second set, and asked the referees for time. Studio T has a main light and an auxiliary light, but unlike the main light that stays on, the auxiliary light repeatedly flashes and interferes with the game. The game resumed again, but Jeon Ji-hee complained of discomfort again in the middle of the game, which was trailing 5-6. Eventually, under the presidency of game supervisor Kim Hong-gu, Mirae Asset Securities manager Yook Seon-hee and Samsung Life Insurance manager Chae Yoon-seok started the coin toss, and at the request of Samsung Life, who laughed at the coin toss, turned off the auxiliary lighting and continued the game. At the end of the battle, Jeon Ji-hee first gave up the set point at the end of the set, which was 9-9, but succeeded in counterattacking and entered the deuce, eventually winning 14-12.

In Samsung Life Insurance, ace Joo Chun-hee turned Shim Hyeon-joo easily 2-0 (11-5 11-5) in the second match to put out the urgent fire. However, in the key 3 match, Mirae Asset Securities Shim Hyeon-joo and Yoon Hyo-bin gave the first set to Samsung Life Lee Si-on and Lee Chae-yeon 9-11. By taking the 2nd and 3rd sets 11-8 and 11-5, respectively, advancing to the championship match was imminent.

In Samsung Life Insurance, Joo Chun-hee, the “king of many wins”, won 2¤0 (11-7 11-5) over Jeon Ji-hee in 4 matches, leading the match to a full match for two days in a row. However, Mirae Asset Securities Yoon Hyo-bin won 2-0 (11-7 11-8) against Byun Seo-young, whom he met in 5 matches, and led the team to the championship match.