Messi brings hope to his country… You are the ‘true messiah’

Lionel Messi (35, Argentina) is inspiring courage and hope to the people of his country amid economic depression and political chaos.

The British Financial Times reported on the 13th, “Thrilling Argentine national team play and heroic Messi are making Argentine people come out to the streets,” adding, “They are taking the place of regular scenes coming out to the streets to protest economic problems.”

Inflation in Argentina is expected to reach 100% by December of this year. As the poverty rate rises, more and more people are going abroad. The Financial Times said, “The centre-left Peronist government, cut off from international markets, is racking up huge debts from costly subsidy programs. We are planning,” he explained.

The weight of 46 million people who were angry amid difficult economic conditions and political dysfunction was placed on Messi’s narrow shoulders. Fans unanimously say, “To overtake Maradona, the best Argentine player ever, Messi must lead the team to victory, just as Maradona did in the 1986 World Cup.” Julio Roger (51), head waiter at a cafe in Buenos Aires that Maradona often visited as a regular customer, said, “Greatness has been restored even to those who are not interested in football. It gives us hope and relief in a very bad state.” . “Football is our savior,” said Portillo (22). “Everything around us is deteriorating, but football made us happy last week.” Portillo is a generation that has not seen Argentina win the World Cup. The Financial Times added, “The whole of Buenos Aires, the capital city, is filled with the Argentine flag.” 안전놀이터

Argentine soccer hero Maradora died of a heart attack in November 2020 at the age of 60. Messi is what the people who have lost a hero regard as the successor to Maradona. The Financial Times interpreted it as “Messi’s last chance to prove that he can compete with Maradona this time.”

Julio Roger predicted Argentina would beat Croatia to reach the final, beating France 1-0.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the political world by saying, “Victory in football is for the people rather than political vested interests,” and “even if Argentina wins, no one will want to take the trophy to the presidential palace.”