Manager Song Young-jin “I will show you cool basketball”

Cool basketball, I’ll show you.”

Professional basketball KT seeks change. On the 14th, Song Young-jin (45), head coach, was appointed as the new head coach. As a result of reviewing various candidates, including former and current professional team managers and coaches, the strand was selected as an internal promotion. His contract is for 3 years. KT said, “Director Song Young-jin accurately grasps the strengths and weaknesses of the KT squad and has excellent communication skills that everyone acknowledges. He judged that he was the right person to realize the goal of’leaving for a prestigious club’,” he revealed the background of his seniority. Director Song Young-jin said, “Actually메이저사이트, I’m a bit confused,” but “I will try to make it better so that I can play ‘cool basketball’ as much as I trust and choose.”

◆ Variety of experiences, a keen gaze

We have a variety of experiences. Coach Song Young-jin, who graduated from Masan High School and Chung-Ang University, wore the LG uniform with the first overall pick in the 2001 rookie draft. After moving to KTF (predecessor of KT) in 2005, he was together for 10 seasons from 2014 to 2015. He played an active role as the country’s top-notch big man. Immediately after his retirement, he also assisted coach Dong-hyun Jo (currently coach of Hyundai Mobis) as KT Seo coach from the 2015-2016 season to the 2017-2018 season. Coach Song Young-jin, who also worked as a coach at Yonsei University and Whimoon High School, returned as head coach last season.

There are also strengths in maximizing the abilities of players. The representative part is Yoongi Ha, who is in his second year as a pro. He averaged 15.3 points and 6.4 rebounds in 51 games last season, establishing himself as a top-tier center. He also received the regular league skill development award. It is a source of consolation that bloomed in the midst of the twists and turns, such as the absence of ‘Ace’ Heo Hoon and the replacement of a foreigner. It is rumored that director Song Young-jin’s role played a large role. Director Song Young-jin said, “(Ha) Yoongi himself is very active. He especially talked a lot about moving according to the situation.”◆ Only strong points, just like us, our shoulders are heavy. KT was selected as one of the candidates for the championship before the opening of last season, but failed to advance to the postseason (PS). With 21 wins and 33 losses, they were in 8th place in the league. Attention is focused on the new color that director Song Young-jin will paint. Manager Song Young-jin said, “I want to play organically as a team. I think it’s important to jump one step further, above all, to move in a place where there is no ball.” He said, “Isn’t the recent basketball trend fast? We want to show our own basketball with a high probability.” Is there a direction you are pursuing as a leader? Director Song Young-jin said, “I met a lot of good directors. I think it will be a task to learn only their strengths and make them mine,” he said. “I think there must be fans who are anxious about me. I will work hard to show you the performance that will convince you to come together as a team.” He added, “I don’t know what will happen to (FA) (Yang) Hong-seok, but if (Heo) Hoon returns and selects foreigners well, I think it will become a more demanding team.