LPGA, 70th place → 65th place through the cut… Reducing the number of players receiving prize money

The LPGA Tour reduces the number of passers-by in order to speed up the 2023 season. The number of players who can receive prize money is also reduced.안전놀이터

The LPGA Tour announced on the 16th (Korean time), “The criteria for passing the cut, which was tied for 70th in the second round, was changed to a tie for 65th. The rules will be applied from the Drive-On Championship, which will be held on March 24.”

It is interpreted as a measure considering the fact that if the number of participants is large, the game will inevitably be lengthened if the game is delayed due to bad weather.

The LPGA said, “This rule is adopted by most other golf tours. Reducing the number of players passing the cut is to have a stable tournament. It has the advantage of speeding up the game by starting all the final rounds from the first hole.” .

The American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour has adopted an operating method in which only players who are tied for 65th place from the 2019-2020 season advance to the third round.