LGU+ 5G speed will be faster from next month… 100MHz bandwidth service seems to be launched

LG U+ will provide 5G service with the same frequency range (100 MHz) as SK Telecom and KT from next month . LG

U+, which has been providing services with 80 MHz bandwidth, received an additional 20 MHz bandwidth from the government last year as a condition of building 15,000 wireless base stations, and recently met the condition. As a result, from June, like other competitors, it has been able to fully use the 100MHz width as a 5G frequency band. The wider the frequency bandwidth, the faster the speed and the more stable the service. Attention is focusing on whether LG U+, which has been lagging behind in 5G communication quality, will be able to overturn the evaluation results this year. According to the mobile telecommunications industry on the 19th, LG Uplus has recently completed the construction of 15,000 new 5G wireless stations, which is a condition for allocating 20MHz. For wireless stations that have already been built, they are also subjected to a change inspection that allows them to use 100 MHz instead of 80 MHz. Until now, LG U+ has provided services only in the 5G frequency band of 3.42 to 3.5 GHz with a width of 80 MHz. SK Telecom , KT

less than 20 MHz width. Then, last year, a 20MHz width (3.4~3.42GHz band) adjacent to the frequency in use was additionally allocated. The allocation period is from November of last year to November 30, 2028, the same as the end of the existing 5G spectrum.

As a condition for allocation, the government proposed the early establishment of a 5G rural communal network in December 2023 and the establishment of 150,000 cumulative 5G wireless stations by 2025.

In the case of rural community network construction areas, it can be used immediately after allocation, but in Seoul, the metropolitan area and the rest of the area, 5G wireless stations of 15,000 stations must be built first before they can be used. LG U+, which

has completed new construction in 카지노사이트15,000 countries, is currently in a situation where only the results of the government’s implementation inspection and change permission are left. These procedures are expected to be finalized by the end of this month. From next month, 5G service using 100 MHz bandwidth will be available nationwide as well as in areas where public networks are established. Attention is focusing on whether it can affect the results of the telecommunications quality evaluation conducted by the government every year. Last year, the evaluation was already completed and the effect of additional allocation was not reflected, but this year, it is included in the evaluation as it satisfied the conditions for use nationwide. Communication quality evaluation is usually conducted between June and October. Leading LG Uplus, SK Telecom, KT

One of the reasons for the lower quality evaluation has been cited as the lack of available frequency bands. Now that the service bandwidth is the same, it is not impossible to close the gap and reverse the ranking.

According to the communication quality evaluation results announced by the Ministry of Science and ICT at the end of last year, SK Telecom had the fastest 5G transmission speed with 1002.27 Mbps, followed by KT with 921.49 Mbps and LG U+ with 764.55 Mbps.

On the other hand, it surpassed KT in LTE conversion rate and connection time . As for the download-based LTE conversion rate, SK Telecom recorded the lowest at 0.98%, followed by LG U+ at 1.32% and KT at 1.72%. The connection time is 23.4ms for SK Telecom, 42.5ms for LG U+, and 51.9ms for KT . An official from the telecommunications industry said, ” LG

U+ has completed the construction of 15,000 new base stations and is undergoing implementation checks from the government,” he said. said.