Lee Seong-man, who appeared at the prosecution, “There is no fact that I gave money”… Denying the charges

Independent lawmaker Seong-man Lee안전놀이터, who is suspected of raising funds related to the ‘2021 Democratic Party National Convention Money Envelope Suspicion’, appeared at the prosecution on the 19th.

Rep. Lee arrived in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the same day and said, “I hope that the prosecution’s investigation will not lead to a set conclusion based on a pre-planned script. We will fight sternly,” he said.

When asked by reporters, ‘Are you in a position not to admit the charges? Rep. Lee is being investigated by the prosecution as a suspect on charges such as violating the political party law.

Rep. Lee, ahead of the Democratic Party National Convention in March 2021, was active in the primary camp for the then party representative candidate Song Young-gil, and colluded with Kang Rae-gu, a former standing auditor of Korea Water Resources Corporation, to receive a donation of 10 million won in political funds, of which 9 million won was donated to the regional headquarters of the primary camp. accused of providing