Lee Go-eun, who went to road construction as a reward player for Park Jung-ah, returns to Pepper Savings Bank

Setter Lee Go-eun, who transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation as a compensation player for free agent (FA) Park Jung-ah, returned to 카지노사이트Pepper Savings Bank.

Pepper Savings Bank and Korea Expressway Corporation announced on the 2nd that they had traded the middle blocker (center) Choi Ga-eun and the 2023-2024 season rookie draft first round nomination rights and Lee Go-eun and the 2023-2024 season rookie draft second round nomination rights.

After completing the 2021-2022 season, Lee Go-eun, who obtained FA qualification and signed a contract with Pepper Savings Bank, wore a road construction uniform as an FA compensation player for Park Jung-ah on the 26th of last month, and was traded again after 6 days.

At the time, there were a lot of voices criticizing Pepper Savings Bank for not tying the main setter as a protection player. Lee Go-eun, whose strengths are fast toss and defense, is Pepper Savings Bank’s main setter, who played 122 sets in 33 games in the 2022-2023 season and ranked 4th in the toss category. Road Corporation manager Kim Jong-min said, “I was surprised to see the list of protected players. He let go of the main setter. It was an unexpected choice.” He then showed his composure, saying, “It’s okay to accompany Lee Go-eun next season, or trade under good conditions.”

Choi Ga-eun, who was the subject of this trade, was the main middle blocker for Pepper Savings Bank. After joining IBK Industrial Bank as the 5th overall pick in the 2019-2020 season, he left the team after two seasons, wearing a Pepper Savings Bank uniform through a special designation for the new team in 2021. As FA Jung Dae-young moved to GS Caltex, it matched the intention of the Korea Expressway Corporation, which was an urgent priority to reinforce the middle blocker.

Kim Dong-eon, head of Pepper Savings Bank, said, “By recruiting Lee Go-eun, we will be able to strengthen the setter operation while adding to the strength of the veteran.”