‘Last Dance’ Pujols, No. 1 search on statistical sites… 2nd place is jersey

Albert Pujols (42), who had a brilliant retirement season, was named the most searched player on the statistics site for the 2022 season.

On the 14th (Korean time), Baseball Reference, an American statistical site, released the 10 most viewed major league players in the 2022 season.

1st place went to ‘Legend’ Pujols.

Announcing his retirement ahead of the 2022 season, he returned to his home team, the St. Louis Cardinals, where he spent his final season. He generously burned the remaining sparks and showed off his rust-free skills with a batting average of 0.270, 24 homers and 68 RBIs in 109 games in the 2022 season.

Showing steady performance throughout his career, he hit 703 home runs in his career, becoming the fourth player to reach the 700 home run mark for the fourth time in his career, and also marked the second place in his career with 2218 RBIs.

Second place went to Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who wrote a new American League home run history.

Judge sent 62 batted balls off the fence this year, surpassing Roger Maris’ 61 in 1961 to set the record for the most home runs in a season in the American League.

Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who shows ‘two-hitters’, was in third place.

Ohtani recorded 15 wins and 9 losses with a 2.33 ERA as a pitcher this year, a batting average of 0.273 as a hitter, and 34 homers and 95 RBIs.

He engraved his name as the player who achieved both double-digit wins and double-digit home runs since Babe Ruth in 1918, becoming the first ever to meet regulation innings and regulation at-bats simultaneously for the first time ever.

In fourth place was Ohtani’s teammate Mike Trout (LA Angels), and in fifth place was Juan Soto, who was traded to the San Diego Padres last August.

The name of Bones was also ranked 6th. Among the top 10 players released by Baseball Reference, Bonds is the only one who is not an active player.

Bonds, who is ranked first in the all-time record for most home runs (762) and home runs (73 in a single season), was consistently mentioned whenever Pujols and Judge fired a cannon this year.

Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies), Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers), Justin Verlander (New York Mets), and Joey Gallo (LA Dodgers) took 7th to 10th places.토토