Kwak Ye-bin, 17-over-par, was eliminated from the automatic cut for season No. 1 due to the ’88 stroke rule’

Amateur golfer Kwak Ye-bin (23) challenged the professional stage, but realized the high wall and packed her bags in one day.

Kwak Ye-bin did not record a birdie in the first round of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Pacific Links PLK Championship with SBS Golf (total prize money of 700 million won) held at the Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72) near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 16th, and won the queen. He shot 17-over par 89, pouring out 2 double bogeys and 6 bogeys, 1 tuple bogey and 1 triple bogey each.

This tournament outline has a rule (aka 88 par rule) that an automatic cut-off is made when recording 16 over par or more in the standard par number of 18 holes in each round. As a result, Kwak Ye-bin, who recorded 17 over par that day, failed to advance to the second round and was automatically cut off.

At 7:30 a.m. local time, Kwak Ye-bin, who started the match on the 10th hole with newcomers Hwang Yoo-min (19) and Kim So-i (28), showed an uneasy start by bogeying on the first hole. Afterwards, she passed holes 11 and 12 with par, but a double bogey came out in hole 13 (par 4), followed by a bogey in hole 13 (par 3) and a triple bogey in hole 15 (par 4). Kwak Ye-bin, who soared to 7-over par in an instant, recorded a bogey at the 18th hole (par 5), the last part of the first half, and finished with 44 strokes.

In the second half, the hunting continued. In the 2nd and 3rd (above par 4), I wrote down consecutive views, and in the 6th hole (par 5), it collapsed into a quadruple bogey (4 over par). Kwak Ye-bin, who forgot 5 strokes on this hole alone and bogeyed again on the 8th hole (par 4), had to hit a 15-over par and finish the last 9th hole with a par to advance to the second round. However, in the ninth hole, he also made a double bogey and was automatically cut off.

Kwak Ye-bin is an amateur player currently attending the Department of Golf Industry at Kyunghee University, and is active in golf broadcasting and YouTube. She has never performed better than a prize in a regular amateur competition, and participated in this competition on the recommendation of a sponsor. However, he showed a difference in skill with a professional player and became the first automatic cutoff player in the 2023 season. 토토사이트

The reason why the KLPGA tour has an automatic cutoff rule of 16 over par is to encourage the smooth progress of the game and to develop the skills of players. This rule applies equally to the regular tour, which is part 1, as well as the Dream (Part 2) and Jump (Part 3) tours.

The most recent automatic cutoff on the KLPGA tour is about 5 months after Doctoral (27) hit 16 over par 88 in the first round of the McCall Mona Park Open in July.