Kuk University class, already fascinated by Seoul fans

 Hwang Ui-jo (31), who started a short walk with professional football K League 1 FC Seoul on a 6-month lease, showed off his extraordinary fan love.

 Hwang Eui-jo, who had a standing interview before leaving for Kagoshima, Japan, the second training ground on the 6th, said, “I had a lot of worries because there were proposals from various teams, including the United States. Still, I thought that coming to Seoul would be a good opportunity for me to go out to Europe and show a good figure.” 토토사이트

 When Hwang Eui-jo, tall and handsome, appeared at the airport wearing a slightly unfamiliar Seoul uniform, many fans gathered at once. To support the field training, Seoul fans visited Hwang Eui-jo with team goods. Soccer fans who supported him at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar also shouted “Hwang Uijo” and approached him. He must have been tired because it was early in the morning, but he smiled all the time, signed autographs for fans, and took pictures with them. He was like a national representative not only in his skills, but also in his attitude towards fans, the reason for the existence of professional players.

 Hwang Ui-jo mentioned that the fans played a big role in choosing him to join Seoul. In a similar situation, I heard advice from national team midfielder Hwang In-beom (27), who had a short-term loan in Seoul last season. Until recently, the two players ate together at Olympiacos (Greece).

 Hwang Ui-jo said, “(In-beom) told me a lot that just playing at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where many fans visit, is a good motivation for the players.” I want to show it for the team,” he said.

 “I am really grateful that so many fans have come to see me since morning. I hope more people come to the stadium to support us. I want to let many fans know that a team called Seoul is a team that can play better games and play better soccer.”