Kneeling ‘barefoot schoolgirl’ indiscriminately assaulted… The perpetrators were parents and older brother

In the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, a middle school student’s daughter was assaulted by her parents and older brother. The police applied for emergency interim measures to detain the middle school girl’s father in a detention center, and the court accepted it.

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on the 20th that they were investigating a couple in their 40s who are the parents of the victim, student A, and a male high school student who is her older brother, respectively, on charges of child abuse and domestic violence.

According to the SBS report, on the morning of the 15th, father B chased after Miss A ran out barefoot from the entrance of an apartment complex in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at terrifying speed, knocked her down, and hit her abdomen while dragging her hair roughly.

Even though Miss A fell on the street, Mr. B did not let go of his hair and repeatedly hit him.

After a while, A’s mother, C, and her brother, D, also arrived and assaulted A. Miss A, who was limping, knelt on her crosswalk. Afterwards, Mr. C kicked or stepped on Ms. A several times, and her brother D also participated in the assault. The assault by these families did not stop even after 20 minutes.

The police, who were dispatched after receiving a report from a passer-by, arrested all the perpetrators from nearby apartments. These were the parents 카지노사이트and older brother who lived with Miss A in the same house. The parents are said to have stated in the police and ward office investigations, “The child refused to fill out a questionnaire for hospital treatment and was punished, and in the meantime, it happened while catching the child who ran out barefoot.”

The police, who determined that the level of their assault was serious, moved the victim to a shelter for children victims of abuse, and took temporary measures to prevent family members from approaching or contacting them. In particular, for father B, provisional measure No. 7, the highest under the Child Abuse Punishment Act, was also applied.

Temporary Measure No. 7 is a measure to detain the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months to protect children if there is a risk of recurrence of abuse. As a result, Mr. B was reported to be detained at the Eastern Detention Center in Seoul.

The police are continuing their investigation into the possibility that the family members may have previously abused the victim.