Klopp was also shocked, “I thought the Tottenham match TV was broken… I looked elsewhere for a while and it was 0-5″

Liverpool manager Jurgen Kloppㅋㅋㅋ벳 mentioned Tottenham’s ‘Newcastle disaster’.

Liverpool and Tottenham will play an English Premier League (EPL) match in the 2022-23 season at Anfield in Liverpool, England on the 1st (Korean time). Both teams are aiming for a place in the top 4 of the Premier League. Currently, Liverpool are 7th and Tottenham are 5th.

An official press conference was held ahead of the Liverpool-Tottenham match. Coach Klopp mentioned that Tottenham, the next opponent, lost 1-6 in the away game to Newcastle on the 23rd. “I saw Tottenham losing 0-1. After going to another place for a while, I watched TV and it was 0-5. He thought the TV was broken,” he said.

Tottenham gave up the opening goal in the 2nd minute against Newcastle. Including this goal, a total of 5 goals were conceded in the first 21 minutes. This is the second-highest record in Premier League history by conceding five goals in the shortest time. In addition, he wrote all sorts of disgraceful records.

No matter how sluggish Tottenham is, manager Klopp is not vigilant. Klopp said, “I will prepare for this home game considering the performance of Tottenham when it was the best. Tottenham is a team with very good counterattacking skills.”

Tottenham were trailing 0-2 in their most recent game against Manchester United, but managed to make up for two goals to draw 2-2. Tottenham’s equalizer was scored by Son Heung-min. “Tottenham could have won against Manchester United,” Klopp said. When Harry Kane catches the ball and pokes it, Son Heung-min gets a one-on-one chance with the opposing goalkeeper.”