Klinsman, the ‘successor to Bento’ seen by foreign media?… “Resigned from Hertha after 3 months”

As coach Jurgen Klinsmann became the head coach of the Republic of Korea, interest from foreign media is also increasing.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) said in a press release on the 27th, “We have appointed Klinsmann, a German coach, as the new head coach of the Korean national football team. It will be about 3 years and 5 months until the World Cup finals. According to the agreement of both sides, we decided not to disclose the salary. We will return to Korea sometime next week and start living in Korea, and in March we will make our managerial debut in a match against Colombia.”

Coach Klinsmann was the best star player of his playing days. He was Germany’s leading striker and he won numerous tournaments and individual awards. He left his mark with outstanding performances at Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich. After his retirement he started a coaching career and in 2004 was appointed coach of the German national team. At the 2006 International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup in Germany, which was held in his home country, he vomited his spirit to rise to third place.

After that, he came to Korea via Munich, the US National Team, and Hertha Berlin. He is returning as manager three years after leaving Hertha. Herta was not very good, and even if you look at the entire career of the manager, there are questions about tactical ability and responsibility, so there is a great concern from the announcement of the appointment. Foreign media are also carefully handling Klinsman’s appointment as the Korean head coach.

Director Klinsmann There is great interest in Germany, his home country. Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Coach Klinsmann went to Korea to replace Paulo Bento,” and said, “This is his fifth coaching career. He had been with the German national team and the US national team for a long time, but signed a contract with Munich for 10 months and Hertha for 3 months. finished,” he added. He pinched what was regrettable as a club manager.토토사이트

The British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ did the same. “Coach Klinsman, who was to take the lead in Korea, resigned after only 10 weeks at Hertha. It was three years ago,” he said.

Other media also highlighted his failures, mainly in Munich and Hertha. As a coach, the only thing I picked as my achievement was the third place at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. While the foreign press is somewhat suspicious, Chairman Michael Müller, who led the appointment of Klinsmann, will hold a press conference tomorrow. We will talk in detail about the background and reason for appointing manager Klinsman.