Kim Min-jae’s side “The report that the senior team member pointed out that he was uncomfortable is unfounded”

Monster Defender’ Kim Min-jae (Napoli) refuted the rumors of discord within the soccer team as “unfounded.”

Kim Min-jae’s agency Orange Ball said in a press release on the 31st, “It is not true that Kim Min-jae pointed out a specific player in a meeting with the Korea Football Association.”

The Orange Ball emphasized, “A media outlet reported that it could be interpreted as rejecting or requesting the exclusion of a specific player. We make it clear that this is not true.”

Kim Min-jae said to the reporters after the evaluation match with Uruguay on the 28th, “I am in a state of mental collapse.”

He was interpreted as meaning that he wanted to focus on his team rather than the national team, and fans were outraged.

Kim Min-jae said on Instagram on the 29th, “I am posting because the meaning of hardship was misrepresented,” and he explained that he had cherished the Taegeuk mark and started to evolve.

However, while Kim Min-jae was embroiled in controversy, Son Heung-min (Tottenham), on the contrary, drew attention by revealing his feelings on Instagram that he was convened to the national team during the A-match (match between national teams카지노사이트) in March.

At the same time, as traces of Kim Min-jae and Son Heung-min severing their social media accounts were detected, several speculations about the relationship between the two arose among soccer fans.

Kim Min-jae and Son Heung-min are currently following Instagram again.

In response, a domestic media covered this news on the 30th, citing a soccer official familiar with the news of the national team, and reported, “Kim Min-jae expressed his feelings of discomfort playing with a certain senior during the World Cup.”

Orange Ball refuted, “This is a claim made by a specific person, and it is clearly stated that this claim is not true.”

At the same time, he dismissed, saying, “Kim Min-jae has been in constant communication with the Korea Football Association’s national team support team on various topics, but has never shared the national team’s internal problems as a topic.”

Apart from the ‘discord’, it seems clear that Kim Min-jae, who has established himself as an irreplaceable resource for the national team by unfolding a near-perfect defense, is physically and mentally shaken.

According to the Football Association, Kim Min-jae, who went to the 2022 Qatar World Cup with an injury and played almost full-time in the entire team, complained of mental fatigue to the Football Association around January.

Director Jurgen Klinsmann, aware of Kim Min-jae’s fatigue, plans to visit Naples, Italy in April for a meeting.