Kim Min-jae Man Fashion Variable, Ten Hagh “If you do it like the Maguire World Cup, it’s a big power”

Kim Min-jae (Napoli) is on the Manchester United (Man United) recruitment list, and a transfer after the summer is likely. There are also variables in between.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag said on the 13th (local time): “We want Maguire to bring the energy and performance he showed for England to Manchester United. If Maguire does, he will be a great player for us. It will,” he expected.

Maguire has recently been criticized for his extreme sluggishness at his club, Manchester United. Due to this, the position is also pushed to Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Baran.토토

He turned around at the World Cup in Qatar. Although he lost 1-2 to France in the quarterfinals, he showed the expected Maguire with a stable defense.

It is nice to see the resurrection of Maguire from the standpoint of Manchester United, which needs a reversal after the World Cup break. As his central defense options increase, he can continue his stable performance in the second half.

This also affects Kim Min-jae’s man fashion. Manchester United is attempting to recruit Kim Min-jae as a replacement for Maguire. If, if maguire survives, man utd’s will to scout Kim min-Jae is likely to be worse than now.