Kim Chi-gon, who took the helm of Busan Futures, “I will teach the players with faith and trust”

“I will grow players with faith and empathy.”

Busan IPark will advance to the K4 League for the first time in the 2023 season. Coach Kim Chi-gon and coach Seong-jin Cho, who took the helm of the Busan Futures, expressed their extraordinary determination.

Coach Kim is a veteran defender who has been active for 16 years since 2002 at FC Seoul and Ulsan Hyundai. After his retirement, he started his leadership career at the University of Ulsan, and from 2021 he was appointed as the coach of the Busan 1st team, and from this year he took over as manager of the Futures.먹튀검증

Coach Kim said, “Because I need to know what the young players are thinking and how to guide them, I think it will be a learning period for me as a leader in the future.” It will help build and grow.”

Manager Kim, who says that trust is the basis, said, “I remember the coaches who gave me a lot of faith during my long career as a player. Won’t the players grow with faith and trust? Rather, if you become strong, you will shrink, so if you show faith, you will gain confidence and believe that you will be able to develop skills that you did not have before.”

On the 25th, we will play the opening game of the K4 League against FC Chungju. Coach Kim said, “I will play soccer with Busan’s unique identity and direction. Players who are in good condition and can adapt well to tactics will be put on the A team, and players who are lacking will also be raised well.”

Coach Cho is a former center back who played for Suwon Samsung for eight years from 2014 to 2021. After his retirement, he opened a new chapter as a leader by serving as head coach at Gyeongnam FC U18 Jinju High School. Afterwards, he joined Busan Futures through Suwon U15 Maetan Middle School.

Coach Cho said, “There are a lot of young players, and I can see a lot of passion on the field and a lot of will to do it. My role is to convey the experiences I have had to the players so that they can perform better,” he said. The players are shedding a lot of sweat to show a good look on the pitch. I will repay you with performance that matches the support of the fans.”