Kia’s 34-year-old nuclear catcher’s time…Catch, throw, and hit your way to the top five ‘cool gift’

A cool gift is coming.

KIA and Kim Tae-gun have entered into negotiations for a non-free agent multi-year contract. According to a KIA official, Kim Tae-gun recently presented a contract proposal to the club. On the other hand, KIA has not yet presented the terms of the contract. President Shim Jae-hak left for the U.S. on Tuesday for a business trip with other club presidents, and the work on Kim Tae-gun is being handled by a working group.

It is believed that KIA and Kim Tae-gun have agreed on the need for a non-free agent multi-year contract and have set up a negotiation table. Whether a final deal is reached remains to be seen, but there is no reason not to. KIA needs Kim to secure both the present and the future of Anbang, and Kim has no reason to leave KIA, where he is guaranteed a starting job.메이저사이트

Kia has traditionally been a big spender when it needs to be. It remains to be seen how they’ll handle the first non-free agent multi-year contract in franchise history, but it’s likely that they’ll be as accommodating as Kim is desperate. The 2023-2024 free agent catcher market is not likely to be as hot as the 2022-2023 catcher free agent market. Even so, there’s no guarantee that sending Kim to free agency will bring him back. KIA hasn’t forgotten about the Park Dong-won shock.

KIA begins the second half of the season with a three-game home stand against Doosan starting on the 21st. Only seven games separate third-place Doosan from ninth-place Kiwoom. Sixth-place KIA is one game behind fifth-place Lotte and half a game ahead of seventh-place KT. The standings are meaningless at this point. In fact, Lotte, KT, as well as Hanwha, who are 1.5 games back, and Kiwoom, who are 2.5 games back, are all starting over.

Kim Tae-gun has made a huge impact on and off the field since joining the team in a trade on the 5th. His pitching, blocking and catching, defense, and runner support were all different from the traditional catchers. He showed the ability to protect and save a run or two without being seen.

In the second half of the season, Kim Tae-gun’s abilities are expected to shine through in the bloody and close games. Now that the club and Kim’s agency have entered into negotiations for a non-free agent multi-year contract, Kim’s motivation is bound to grow. A midseason deal would be a huge carrot for Kim.

In 56 games in the first half of the season, Kim hit .260 with one home run, 23 RBI, nine runs scored, and a .650 OPS. Most of those numbers came at Samsung. It’s important to keep an eye on his stats when he becomes a regular starter. Irregular at-bats are unlikely to lead to good numbers, but there’s a lot of room for improvement with consistent at-bats.

The second half of the season is Kim Tae-gun’s time. It’s time to see and reap the benefits of Kim Tae-gun, and it’s time for him to really shine. And he might even get a cool present. He just needs to stay injury-free.