KB against the women’s college team, what was the reaction after the game?

KB players left words of encouragement to the women’s college team.

The women’s university team preparing for a 100-fold match had a practice game against Cheongju KB at the Kookmin Bank training center in Cheonan on the 16th.

It was time to implement patterns and defensive tactics rather than game results. In particular, he made a scene where he scored after stealing the opponent’s ball with strong pressure, and he also succeeded in attacking patterns. A scene of creating space inside and outside through the pass was also shown.

In defense, various forms of defense were made, making KB’s attack difficult. Although the score gap widened by allowing a lot of outside shots먹튀검증, it was the women’s college national team that did its best until the end.

Then, how did the KB players view the university team? KB coach Kim Wan-soo, who faced the university team, said, “In fact, before that, there was a perception that college players couldn’t play. But today, the players are playing really well. I feel like I am in good shape and well prepared. I’m really looking forward to that part,” he said of the college team.

Heo Ye-eun (165cm, G), who started as the main guard, said, “It seems to be really fast and good. It’s a bit difficult for me to rate. (Laughter) I think I have enough skills and it would be better if I had confidence. Then I think there will be good results.”

Lee Yoon-mi (172cm, F), who played a big role on this day, said, “I tried to stick together for the first time. She seems to have really good physique. We also do a lot of physical training, and the university team seems to do a lot. I was really surprised. And it runs well I hope you enjoy the competition without any injuries. Then I think good results will follow,” she said.

Yang Ji-soo (174cm, F), who was next to him, also said, “He is tall and fast. At the same time, he also showed a nice pass in the middle. In particular, various plays came out in the fast attack situation. I heard that Japan is fast, but I think our national team players are also fast.”

On the 19th, the 100-fold basketball tournament will begin. Although it is a women’s college national team that has lost its pride to Japan in recent years. But this time, I am practicing my best for a different result than before. And the KB players also encouraged and gave strength to the university team who did their best.