K4 League Yeoju FC and Pyeongchang United advanced to the 2nd round by defeating K3 Team in the FA Cup

Yeoju FC and Pyeongchang United of the K4 League, which are in the 4th division, defeated the K3 League teams that are one level higher and advanced to the second round of the FA Cup.

On the first day of the first round of the 2023 Hana 1Q FA Cup, which was held simultaneously at nine stadiums nationwide on the 4th, Yeoju FC called the Pocheon Citizen Soccer Team home and won a thrilling 4-3 come-from-behind victory with Yoo Cheong-in’s winning goal in the 5th minute of extra time in the second half. After allowing Pocheon two goals in the first half, Yeoju FC took the lead by scoring three goals in a row in the second half. After that, he allowed one goal to make it 3-3, but won a dramatic victory in the last minute.메이저사이트

In addition, Pyeongchang United of the K4 League faced off 1-1, and Jeong Jin-yeop scored the winning goal in the 13th minute of the second half of extra time, defeating Gimhae City Hall, the traditional powerhouse of the K3 League, 2-1.

In the other 7 games held at the same time, no change occurred.

Daejeon Korail (K3), which caused a sensation in the 2019 FA Cup runners-up, beat Seoul Nowon United (K4) 1-0 by keeping Bang Chan-jun’s opening goal in the 25th minute of the second half. The match between Ulsan Citizen Football Club and Hwaseong FC, where the K3 League teams faced each other, was tied 1-1 even after overtime, and at the end of the penalty shootout, Hwaseong won 5-4 and advanced to the second round.

The K5 League teams, who dreamed of a rebellion in football clubs, realized the high wall of the upper league.

Gimhaejaemics, who reached the top of last year’s K5 League at the end of ‘3 out of 4’, called Chuncheon Citizen Soccer Team (K3) home, but could not overcome the fierce attack and knelt down 0-6. Last year’s K5 League runner-up, Mokpo Gaddang University, also suffered a 0-6 defeat in the match against Gangneung Citizen Soccer Team (K3).

Incheon Ganseok FC, which tied for 3rd place in the K5 League last year and participated in the FA Cup for the first time this year, also allowed 7 goals to Pyeongtaek Citizen (K4) and lost. In addition, Cheongju Shocking and Gwangju Hwajeong FC also lost 0-9 and 0-2 to Seoul Jungnang Football Team (K4) and Dangjin Citizen Football Team (K4), respectively.

Meanwhile, the first round of the Hana 1Q FA Cup is being held with the top 8 teams in the K5 League last year, 10 teams in the K4 League, and the bottom 10 teams in the K3 League participating. On the 5th, the remaining 5 games will be held to mark the second day.

2023 Hana One Q FA Cup Round 1 First Day Result (March 4)