Jung Yong Hwa, who was canceled just before appearing on the show…中 ‘Han Han Ryung’ re-started or

Amid the recent deterioration of relations between South Korea and China토토사이트, it has been reported that South Korean singer and actor Jung Yong-hwa traveled to China to appear on a Chinese entertainment program, but his appearance was abruptly canceled.

According to Yonhap News Agency on Wednesday, Chinese media outlets such as Xinhua reported that Jung Yong-hwa was set to appear on a new audition program called “Buntuhara Freshman Class 1” on Aichi, a popular Chinese online video service (OTT). After arriving in Beijing on the 17th, Jung Yong Hwa posted photos of his arrival at the airport on social media (SNS).

This is why his appearance was considered a foregone conclusion.

However, controversy erupted recently when a response to a netizen’s query about Zheng Yonghua’s appearance by the Beijing Municipal Radio and TV Station was circulated online in China.

“After checking with Aichi, the news that Zheng Yonghua is filming an entertainment program in Beijing is not true,” the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau said, “and the program will not use Zheng Yonghua as a guest in the future.” Some online media outlets also reported that it was confirmed that the “Han Han Ling” (Korean Wave restrictions) had not been rescinded.

On the same day, Chinese media outlets such as Sina Weibo reported that Chinese netizens had reported Jung Yong Hwa’s plans to appear on the program to broadcasting authorities, which led to the program’s cancellation.

A representative from Jung Yong Hwa’s agency told Yonhap News Agency, “We are not in a position to comment.”

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