JJJ is also strong… Go to the true left-handed specialist, the strongest bullpen ‘coming soon’ [SC focus]

The KIA Tigers bullpen composition is at the top level of the league. They have a reliable winning team, including Jeong Hae-yeong (22), the best finisher who has surpassed 30 saves for two consecutive years, Jang Hyeon-shik (28), and Jeon Sang-hyun (27). Not only these, but Lee Joon-young (32), Kim Ki-hoon (23), Ko Young-chang (34), Park Joon-pyo (31), and Yoon Joong-hyeon (28) are lined with bullpen resources that can be used at any time. KIA, which has a solid starting lineup and even a bullpen, is not simply called a ‘pitcher kingdom’. 메이저사이트

This KIA mound has been upgraded one step further this season. Kim Dae-yu (32), who was brought in as a reward player from the LG Twins, joined the team. He showed decent pitching with only 37 holds accumulated over the last two seasons and an earned run average of 2 points for two consecutive seasons. It even has the speciality of a left-handed sidearm, which is rare in the league.

Kim Dae-yu, who started his professional career at Heroes (currently Kiwoom) in 2010, has not seen the light of day for a long time. However, he recorded 24 holds, digesting 50⅔ innings, the most since his professional debut at LG in 2021. In the 2022 season, there were not a few concerns about the aftermath of the innings accumulated in the previous season, but he won 13 holds in 39⅔ innings, and his earned run average dropped from 2.13 to 2.04. Under his excellent management, he has continued to perform steadily. Even when free agent Park Dong-won chose LG instead of KIA, KIA had a lot of regrets and concerns, but by bringing Kim Dae-yu as a reward player, he was able to let go of his worries.

With the addition of Kim Dae-yu, the KIA bullpen has not only depth but also diversity. Unlike last season’s starting rotation, which was left-handed, most of the bullpen was right-handed. Lee Jun-young played the role of a specialist, but there was a limit to handling the burden alone. In the midst of this, with the addition of Kim Dae-yu, a reliable left-handed bullpen agent, a situation was created in which not only the burden was relieved, but also synergy could be expected.

The key is adaptability. Kim Dae-yu, who has been a pro for a long time, but the actual full-time first-team career is two seasons. In the meantime, after SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers), KT Wiz, and LG, he went through several teams before coming to KIA, but the fact that this is the first time for a non-capital area team is something that Kim Dae-yu has to overcome.

After the decision to go to KIA, Kim Dae-yu expressed his determination through his SNS, “I will show you a better image in a new place. I think this is the best reward I can give to the fans who support and encourage me until the end.” . Attention is focused on the performance of Kim Dae-yu, who is on the way to the US spring camp with the title of ‘real reward player’.