Jennie’s debut film ‘The Idol’… “A rude and obscene march of debauchery” harsh criticism

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK member Jenny’s acting debut, the US HBO series ‘ The Idol ‘, received harsh reviews from critics and viewers immediately after its release안전놀이터

‘The Idol’ is a work produced by famous pop artist The Weeknd and directed by Sam Levinson, and deals with the contrasts in the music industry surrounding pop idols. Jenny plays the role of Diane, a backup dancer and friend of the main character, pop star Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp).

In the first episode of ‘The Idol’, which was recently released in North America, there is a performance scene of male and female dancers in the play, including Jenny.

The problem is that Jennie’s 10-minute length was focused only on high-level choreography with male dancers.

Viewers who encountered this are criticizing the scene for using Jenny and others wastefully to satisfy male-centered sexual fantasies.

There is also a somewhat outrageous reaction that her Jennie exploited her global popularity as a means of promoting her work.

Time magazine’s Stephanie Zacharek said, “There hasn’t been a streak of so rude and sordid debauchery on TV since the 1980s.”

Earlier, when this drama was invited and released to the non-competitive section of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival held last month, it was criticized by critics for being excessively sensational.

‘The Idol’ also received only 9% out of 100% on the freshness index on the famous review site Rotten Tomatoes. Major foreign media outlets are also pointing out misogynistic descriptions.

Now that the first episode has been released, viewers are also sending negative attention to Jennie’s appearance in the drama. The dominant opinion is that the status of a global pop star was used for topicality in a drama.

In the upcoming episode of ‘The Idol’, attention is focused on whether Jenny will be used as a means to satisfy her sexual fantasies.