“It’s really crazy”..’Drinking and eating’ female YouTuber goes live with sexual harassment scenes

It was belatedly known that a female YouTuber who was filming a drinking party was sexually harassed by a male drunk카지노사이트.

Recently, a post titled ‘What happened while drinking makgeolli alone by a woman outdoors’ was posted on various online communities. Looking at the video, YouTuber ‘Male Kim’, who has over 30,000 subscribers on the 3rd of last month, visited a bar in Dong-gu, Daegu on the 30th of last month, broadcasting eating makgeolli and pancakes alone outdoors, and was sexually harassed while communicating with channel viewers. .

In the video, while Malele Kim was tidying up her seat, saying, “I was a bit drunk,” a drunk man approached and started talking to her. The YouTuber tried to send the drunk back by saying, “Goodbye,” but the drunkard continued to touch the female YouTuber’s body and say, “Shall we have a cup of makgeolli?”

Photo = Captured from YouTube channel ‘Male Kim’

When the YouTuber got up from his seat, got dressed and prepared to leave, the drunkard made a noise as if his palms were bumping, “Hey! Let’s hit it once!” and sexually harassed.

Marle Kim quickly cleared her place and left, saying, “It’s crazy. I can’t even go to the bathroom, so I urinate all the time,” she said, “I can’t even go to my own body. That grandfather died faster than he came to his senses,” she said in anger.

When viewers who watched this live broadcast told him to report it to the police, Male Kim said, “I’m going home. I don’t want to get involved If I report it, shouldn’t I also go to the police station?” He said, “That man won’t even remember (what he did), so it’s embarrassing for me to go to the police and explain.”

However, at the end of the video, the YouTuber said in subtitles, “I regretted avoiding the situation without reporting it later while watching the video.”

In the video uploaded on the 12th, the YouTuber said that he had filed a complaint against the drunken “insult”.