Is this the winning team? SSG, ‘Why doesn’t it make sense?’

The move of SSG Landers, which implemented a change of leader, is not unusual. Literally the front/back doesn’t match.

Looking at the fact that the former general manager, who did his best to lead the team to the championship, stepped down in the form of voluntary resignation, and the new general manager Kim Seong-yong was appointed, there seems to be nothing special about it. However, there is a lot of talk about the appointment of the new general manager, and the owner is showing a different reaction than before through SNS. Even looking at these two things, I can’t erase the feeling that something ‘the front/back doesn’t match’.

Above all, owner Jeong Yong-jin, known as ‘Yong-jin hyung’ after taking over the club and communicating smoothly with fans on SNS, is showing a different appearance than before. SNS is literally a social network service, and its main function is online communication through it. In fact, throughout the season, Chairman Jeong Yong-jin actively communicated with fans through active SNS activities. The title ‘brother’ also came from here.

However, with a lot of talk about the appointment of the leader, he is suddenly changing his stance. He doesn’t hesitate to talk about asking people not to ‘misunderstand’ that it is a space for personal communication. Of course, this is not a false story. In fact, some people use SNS only as a space containing only their memories. However, from the point of view of ‘continuity’, Chairman Chung showed a completely different appearance from before.

As the winning team showed such an appearance, some baseball fans in Incheon directly expressed antipathy, such as going to ‘truck protest’. When this happens, the victims are the players, fans, and SSG employees. I have no choice but to bear the burden of public opinion that is marked negatively. In addition, the new general manager Kim Seong-yong has no choice but to feel burdened in carrying out the role smoothly for any reason. 토토

At this point where many stories are coming and going, there are not a few voices worrying about SSG’s next season. And this is also a fairly ironic phenomenon that this year’s winning team is showing.