Indiscriminately assaulting the daughter of a barefoot middle school girl on the street… father in jail

A family who assaulted their middle school daughter in the middle of Gangnam is under police investigation.

The middle school girl’s father was detained in a detention center.

This is reporter Kang Bo-in.

A crosswalk at the entrance to an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul.

A teenage girl runs barefoot, followed by a male.

It was a daughter in middle school and a father in his 40s먹튀검증.

The father grabs her daughter and throws her to the side of the road, grabs her hair and beats her mercilessly.

Moments later, the high school brother also runs up and kicks her younger brother.

Soon after, her mother joins.

Her daughter gets on her knees and cums, but her mom has no mercy either.

It is known that the family members stated to the police who were dispatched to the report of the passer-by that the victim student refused hospital treatment and was punished.

Subsequently, the court issued Interim Measure No. 7 on his father and detained him in a detention center. 

The mother and her brother were also separated so that they could not approach or contact the victim.

[Kang Dong-wook / Professor of Law, Dongguk University (Vice President, Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse)]
“If the degree of abuse is so severe that it is necessary to immediately separate the abused child from the parents, this kind of disposition is applied. Therefore, it may result in criminal punishment… “

However, until this measure was taken, my mother and brother stayed with the victim for four days because they had to take care of their family.

The police charged the parents with child abuse charges and the older brother with domestic violence charges.

The victim is staying in a shelter and is known to have no serious trauma.

This is Channel A News, Kang Bo-in.