In the rumor of running for the motherland… Democrats are complicated inside

As former Justice Minister Cho Kook is rumored to run for next year’s general elections, the Democratic Party’s intentions are complicated.

In the Democratic Party, while the reaction was mixed over the issue of running, the People’s Power criticized that “running is a secondary harm to young people.”

Cha Seung-eun is a reporter.


On the 10th, former Minister of Justice Cho Kook posted a picture taken with former President Moon Jae-in on his social media account .

He also wrote that “he is contemplating what to do” and “will walk the ‘road without a road’ without a map or compass”.

With this one post, speculation is emerging in the political world that former Minister Cho has expressed his will to run.

The Democratic Party is responding sensitively.

In the screaming world, there is a clear air current that opposes running for office, saying that it could fall into the ‘swamp of the motherland’ again.

<Yoon Young-chan / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea토토사이트 ( SBS Radio)> “It is necessary to change toward the future, but going back to the past doesn’t seem so desirable…”

There are also negative reactions from some pro-Myeong circles.

Rep. Jung Sung-ho appeared on MBC radio and said, “I hope you will consider the fact that the trial is not over yet.”

On the other hand, there are also positive voices in the party.

<Park Seong-joon / Spokesman of the Democratic Party of Korea (Last 13th / CBS Radio)> “If you are a person who can play a decisive role in the judgment of the Yoon Seok-yeol regime, he must open up all the political space…”

People’s Power criticized former Minister Cho’s dismissal from the Seoul National University professorship as a causal retribution, and criticized running for general elections as inappropriate. <Jeon Joo-hye / People’s Power Spokesperson> “The running of former Minister Cho Kook is an obvious ‘

secondary harm’ to the young Koreans who were hurt by irregularities in the entrance examination, and it plunges the Democratic Party into a ‘tsunami of the motherland’ beyond the ‘river of the motherland’. Keep in mind that you will.” The power of the people pointed out that even toward the Democratic Party, advocating for former Minister Cho is “the road to trampling on fairness and justice.” This is Cha Seung-eun from Yonhap News TV .