“I’ll show you who’s stronger” Koo Ja-wook gritted his teeth

I’ll show you who’s stronger.”

Samsung Lions’ spring camp this year is rumored to be harsh. Usually, ‘3 days of training – 1 day of rest’ is common, but Samsung extends the training day by one day and conducts training on a 4-day term. There is also a lot of training. The schedule is also tight from early morning to night. There is no hell training. 

There is a player who has endured this hellish training since the finish camp. This is Samsung’s key outfielder Koo Ja-wook (30). Ja-wook Koo voluntarily participated in the finishing camp, which was organized mainly by young players last year, and experienced hell training, and in the spring camp, he faithfully performed hell training and made coach Park Jin-man smile. 토토사이트

It is common for middle and high school players or key players who have played close to full-time seasons not to participate in the finishing camp. The club also considers them and forms a roster for the finishing camp. Originally, there was no name for Ja-wook Koo. However, Ja-wook Koo made a strong request to his team and participated in the finishing camp and volunteered for hell training. 

Ja-wook Koo said, “There was no reason to rest.” Last year, Ja-wook Koo suffered a severe slump. In 99 games, fewer than in his 2015 debut season, he posted a batting average of .293 with 5 homers and 38 RBIs for a .741 OPS. The ‘career low’ season he suffered after 8 seasons of his debut. In particular, it was more shocking because it was his performance in his first year of signing a non-FA multi-year contract (a total of 14 billion won over 5 years). Shocked, Ja-wook Gu could not rest. 

Even in the hell training where the entire team’s clothes became ‘muddy uniforms’, Ja-wook Koo quietly digested all the training. He didn’t complain that it was difficult, and he didn’t ask for consideration as a starting player. Koo Ja-wook overcame the hard training with the young players and had a time of great pride. 

Ja-wook Koo’s incisive referee continues in the spring camp. His training intensity is still strong. Veteran players who have been through many spring camps and young players who have already overcome the hellish training of the finishing camp are continuing their forced march. Even players called up from the 2nd team say that they are experiencing a new world. However, even in the midst of this, Ja-wook Koo is digesting all the training without exception. 

Even in the midst of hardship, Ja-wook Koo is taking good care of his juniors. Ja-wook Koo is well known for his introverted personality, but he said that since his last camp, he has become more approachable to younger players. He is also playing a key role in his team, staying close to young outfield players such as Kim Hyun-jun, leading the atmosphere and passing on know-how. 

Director Park Jin-man and the coaching staff are also pleased with Koo Ja-wook’s efforts. Coach Park Jin-man said, “It must be difficult, but he didn’t come to me first (to take him out of training).” He praised Ja-wook Koo’s efforts to take care of his juniors even in the midst of hard times, saying, “He has roles to play as the center of the team.” 

Koo Ja-wook said, “(The coach’s training) is really tough,” but he gritted his teeth, saying, “I’ll show you who’s stronger.” He said, “I already beat it once during the finish camp. I will overcome (this time too),” he said, confirming his determination to complete the camp and rebound in the new season.

Samsung, which fell to 7th last year, and Koo Ja-wook, who had the worst season, are also set out to restore their honor in the new season. The will to rebound is sufficient. The silent sweat shed is proof of that. Attention is focusing on whether the valuable sweat that Ku Ja-wook shed throughout the winter will bear fruit in the new season.