“I’ll give you 5 million as a reward”… Searching for stolen 200 million Won Lamborghini

The stolen Lamborghini, which cost hundreds of millions of won, was left with an acquaintance, and the stolen owner posted a ‘reward of 5 million won’ online and retrieved the vehicle. The owner went to the informant and made a case.

According to the Gangseo Police Station in Seoul on the 20th, a report was received on the 29th of last month saying, “I left the car keys to a former colleague to wash the car, but I have not been able to contact him since.” The vehicle that reporter A lost was a yellow Lamborghini Urus , which is sold for 250 to 290 million won in the market.

Mr. A filed a police report and the next day posted an article titled ‘An acquaintance fled with a vehicle’ on an online community. He said, “If you see it먹튀검증, please call 112 or contact me right away” and bet 5 million won as a reward, saying, “If you catch it, I will do a good job.”

On the 16th, Mr. A posted an additional message and said, “I found a car in the underground parking lot of a building in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.”

Mr. A explained, “A lot of people in various communities have reported it.”

He said, “Then an informant contacted me that he had seen a car in the parking lot of his workplace, and when I went there, the informant and the Urus vehicle were standing. Even the car number matched,” he said.

Mr. A said, “When I started the car, the culprit had driven 1000 km in the meantime, and the front of the car was lined with corpses of insects.”

He added, “Urus has been inspected at an official service center.”

Mr. A also released a picture showing him delivering 5 million won as a reward to the netizen who found his car.

He also revealed that an acquaintance stole a car and parked it illegally in a paid parking lot. He said, “I was taking the car, but the overdue parking fee came out to 1 million won,” and “I plan to charge the culprit anyway.”

Netizens who heard the news said, “The owner of the car is hot”, “It’s amazing that an acquaintance in the world is thinking about stealing a car and hiding it”, “It would have been impossible for the owner to ride 1000 km”, “The current status of the investigation will also be informed. Please,” and so on.The police plan to call in Mr. B, an acquaintance of Mr. A, who disappeared with the vehicle, sooner or later.