“I want my shredded answer sheet back”… from a job candidate who took the exam.

“I want to find the shredded answer sheets and glue them together and ask them to grade them.” (Mr. Yun Mo, who took the 2023 Regular Engineer and Industrial Engineer 1st Practical Examination)

Ms. Yoon Mo (24), who took the first practical examination for the 2023 regular and industrial engineers on the 23rd of last month, was informed that her answer sheet was shredded today, a month after the exam.

“I took two exams, one for a medical engineer and one for an industrial engineer, at Yonseo Middle School in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, on the 23rd of last month,” Ms. Yoon, who graduated from a health-related major and is preparing to enter the workforce, told JTBC.

“There is a medical device regulatory science (RA) expert exam on the 24th of next month, so I was studying for it, but I unexpectedly had to prepare for the engineer and industrial engineer exams again,” he added.

“I don’t understand why the candidates have to bear the burden of the mistake,” Mr. Yoon said, adding, “What about those who already have their schedules set for the retest?”

He also said that the Korea Employment Service unilaterally forced him to retake the test or get a refund.

“They told me over the phone that I had to choose between retaking the test or getting a refund,” Yoon said, “and they told me to set a retest date as soon as possible메이저사이트.”

“They didn’t say anything about a compensation plan,” he said, adding that he had to choose one of two locations to retake the test.

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Another victim, Ms. Im, said, “The Korea Employment Service unilaterally notified us of the retesting schedule. They only gave us six days to choose from,” she said, adding, “There are only a limited number of test venues, and you can’t choose morning or afternoon.”

“They also told us that if we didn’t choose a retest date by the deadline, we would be eliminated,” he said. “I told them that I was scheduled to take the big data analyst test on June 24, and they told me to take the second test. At the very least, they should allow candidates to take the test on a date of their choice in June.”

Su-bong Er, chairman of the Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation. Photo: Ministry of Employment and Labor briefing capture
Earlier today, the Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation, a public agency under the Ministry of Employment, Labor and Welfare, revealed that some of the answer sheets for the 2023 Regular Engineer and Industrial Engineer First Practical Examination were shredded after the examination ended due to a mistake by the corporation.

It did not inform the victims until a month after the exam was held on March 23.

The shredded answer sheets belonged to 609 test takers who took the exam at Yeonseo Middle School in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

One of the examination centers in Seoul, Yeonseo Middle School, where 609 test takers took the exam in a total of 61 subjects, was found to have shredded the answers instead of taking them to the KOCA’s scoring center due to a mistake in the transportation process after the examination ended.

The corporation announced that it will hold additional tests on the 1st, 4th, and 24th of next month so that candidates will not be disadvantaged in using their qualifications, such as taking the civil service exam.

The date of announcement of the successful candidates for the additional test on the 1st-4th of next month was scheduled for the 9th of next month as before. The announcement of successful candidates for the additional test on March 24-25 will be made on March 27.

“As a public institution that is supposed to ensure the fairness and reliability of national qualifications, we feel a heavy responsibility that something unacceptable has happened,” said Eo Soo-bong, chairman of the board of directors of the Korea Employment Service, at a briefing, “and we sincerely apologize for the damage caused to test takers due to the negligent management of the qualification test.”

“We will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to determine what went wrong,” he said, emphasizing that “those responsible, including myself, will be held accountable.”