I flooded the lineup with dollars… Kim Ha-seong and his colleagues, 25th in the league, ‘betrayal’

San Diego has been actively investing in recent years to fill the team’s power. San Diego is doing what teams with the biggest markets, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees, couldn’t.

There are many players who are good on the mound, but it was the batting line that fans showed the most interest. This is because there were many players with talent, athleticism, batting skills, and showmanship. In fact, the opposing pitchers had to deal with the league’s top hitters, Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, Xander Bogatz, and Manny Machado. It was literally a nightmare, with no players to avoid.

Salaries are also staggering. There are only three players (Machado, Tatis Jr., and Bogatz) who have signed contracts worth more than $290 million in total, and Juan Soto is a player who has booked a large contract worth more than $400 million. It’s also not easy to find a player in the lineup with an annual salary of less than $5 million. If you look at the starting lineup alone, it is clear that it is the most expensive lineup in the league.

However, such San Diego batting line안전놀이터 is thoroughly betraying ‘investment’. As of the 29th (Korean time), San Diego’s team OPS (team on-base percentage + team slugging percentage) is only 0.669. It ranks only 25th out of 30 major league teams. It’s something no one expected.

The key players are too sluggish. At least Xander Bogarts and Matt Carpenter are struggling. Bogarts is team-best and league-leading in adjusted scoring production (wRC+) with 157. Carpenter, a veteran who usually plays against righties, is 139. Here, Jake Cronenworth (101) is recording an average level of performance in the league.

Everything else is below league average. Juan Soto has 98, which is 2% below the league average, Nelson Cruz has 86, and Kim Ha-sung has 85. The most shocking player is Manny Machado, who is only 62. Fernando Tatis Jr., who was expected to be a detonator for other players, still needs time. Tatis Jr.’s wRC+ of 68 isn’t terrible either.The first half of the season in San Diego is also a struggle. San Diego remained at 13-14 (.481) until the 29th, not even reaching a 50% win rate. Although the gap with Arizona, the leader in the district, is only two games, the momentum at the beginning of the season is not felt. I wonder when San Diego will be able to show the image fans have been waiting for.