“I can’t sprint” 3 hits with a body like this, where does this responsibility come from?

 On the evening of the 1st, kt announced that Park Byeong-ho would be out of power for 3 weeks due to a hamstring injury. The hiatus was 10 days shorter than expected, but he had to return in an incomplete state. Park Byung-ho still can’t sprint.

In the game against LG in Jamsil on the 16th, he hit his second double in the 7th inning and slowly walked to second base. And he was replaced by a major runner. It was also a huge 9-5 lead, and the injury could recur if he had to play home from 안전놀이터second base. Even in this situation, Park Byeong-ho returned to the first team and plays every day. The match ended in a 12-7 victory.

In a post-game interview, Park Byung-ho said of this situation, “I can’t sprint right now.” If it’s the same, go and do it,” he explained.

He also added, “I think the current situation is about 60%. I don’t know. It’s hard to judge by numbers. I don’t know what will happen after the day.” He said, “I will walk.

It may sound weak from the point of view that sprinting is the romance of baseball, but this method is the best for Park Byung-ho now.

Since the beginning of the season, kt has been unable to play the game with full strength as key players have been injured while taking turns. The starting center fielder assignment was omitted from the opening entry, and the starting third baseman Hwang Jae-gyun is also absent. It is more beneficial for the team to continue playing safely than for Byung-ho Park to sprint for one point and break away again.

In the game against LG on the 16th, kt scored 12 points with 15 hits. It is the first double-digit score since the 11-4 win against SSG on the 2nd. Park Byeong-ho once again emphasized the responsibility of the central batters, including himself. So he decided not to sprint for now.

“This year, there weren’t many cases where the center hitters changed the atmosphere with a big shot or something like that. So that was a pity. I also entered the starting lineup from today, and now the center hitters have to do well.”