Hiddink “People still talk about me in 2002… Soccer, an immortal being”

Guus Hiddink, former coach of the Korean national team, who recently turned 76, explained, “People still talk about the achievements I made in Korea,” and “football is immortal.”

According to a recent interview conducted by the Belgian site ‘Walfoot’, while talking about the match between Argentina and the Netherlands, Coach Hiddink said, “The World Cup has the power to immortalize those who have achieved something in this competition.” I talk about the achievements I made in Korea in 2002 and in Australia in 2006.”

Coach Hiddink took the helm of the Korean national team at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, just 20 years ago, and achieved the legend of the semifinals of the host country. It was the only semifinal achievement achieved by a country on the continent other than Europe and South America until Morocco reached the semifinals at this Qatar World Cup.토토

Four years later, while taking the helm of PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands, he concurrently served as the Australian national team coach, and beat Uruguay in the final qualifier playoffs to advance Australia to the World Cup finals in Germany. They drew and led them to the round of 16.