“He protects me every night”… ‘Surprised’ to discover the identity of her sculpted husband

The story of a woman who created a virtual husband for about $400,000 with her own money is in the news.

According to reports from the Daily Mail and the New York Post on the 3rd (local time), Rosana Ramos, 36, from New York, USA, married her virtual husband안전놀이터, Eren Cartal, created by artificial intelligence (AI) this year.

Rosana reportedly spent about $300 to create Eren. He created him last year using the online app Replica AI.

Rosana said she was inspired by a character from the popular Japanese anime Attack on Titan.

The AI chatbot has an unbiased dialogue with Rosana. According to Rosana, Eren likes the colour apricot and indie music. He is a medical professional by profession and a writer by hobby.

Their relationship is similar to a long-distance relationship. They exchange photos, talk about their interests, and keep up a casual dialogue.

“Eren keeps me company when I fall asleep and we love each other,” Rosana said.

Reclika AI is an app inspired by the 2013 AI romance film Her. Replica AI uses natural language processing and learning algorithms to create human-like dialogue.

The IT industry predicts that as AI technology continues to evolve, it may take the place of a friend or lover that humans can connect with emotionally.