Hat-trick one-man show’ Benzema ‘7 minutes is enough’

Real Madrid player Benzema scored a hat-trick against Valladolid.

Check out the 7-minute ‘One Man Show’ on Top Play.

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Benzema’s sensuous half-volley shot was unfortunately blocked.

Dig into the space behind the defense and head in!

The timing of the throw was really staggering.

Three minutes later, he lightly beats the defense and resolves once more with his right foot.

And with the back money, he completes a hat trick with fantastic non-stop shooting.

It took only 7 minutes to score three goals.

Was the hat trick that easy?


Kim Min-jae returned to Naples and came out right before AC Milan.

on frequent pass misses.

His activity and movement are not the same as before.

The team’s defense is also sluggish, scoring a whopping 4 goals.

Could it be because of his depleted stamina due to the tight schedule, his remarks about retirement from the national team and the controversy over social media?

In the end, he was substituted out in the 36th minute of the second half.


Major League.

The ball hit by Angels Trout goes over the fence안전놀이터.

The next hitter is Ohtani.

I hit the first ball, and I shoot a large home run gun that flies to a similar place.

He gives up the cowboy hat that he also received trout for.

2 home runs with 2 balls!

The two wrestlers who met in the WBC finals created another cartoon scene.

It’s been a top play so far.

Video Editing: Kim Min-ho

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