Haaland, who scored 25 goals and is criticized, “The cause of ruining Man City’s team play.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 27th (Korean time), “A commentator urged Manchester City, who are sluggish, to play like last season without Elling Halan.”

Hollan’s invasion of the English Premier League (PL) is reaping a huge hit beyond imagination. With 25 goals and 3 assists in 19 league games, he has already surpassed the record of the top scorers last season (24 goals over Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah).

Regardless of Dan Hollan’s hit, Man City is in second place with an uneasy look that is not like them. The difference between first place Arsenal (50 points) and Arsenal (50 points), which is one game less, is already 5 points, so it is difficult to actually reverse one’s own power.

There is a lot of talk about Man City, which is showing a worse look than before in a situation where a certain goalkeeper named Hollan has been added. 

Commentator Gabriel Agbonlahor, a former striker in the England national team, pointed out Haaland as one of the reasons for Man City’s sluggish performance. “I think Manchester City football without a fixed one-topper is better,” he claimed. 안전놀이터

Agbonlaher said: “Halan’s absence is much better for Manchester City’s team play. He seems to be up front, waiting for his teammates’ passes to come.” He is harassing the opposing defender.”

Agbonlaher, who criticized Halan for scoring 25 goals, said, “There is no goal he makes like he did in Dortmund in the past. He is comfortable waiting for a pass to be put in front of him,” adding, “This is contrary to Man City style. Because of Halan, other players play. is blocked.