Ha-seong Kim is popular!…Atlanta+Minnesota+Miami local media encourages trade

The stock price of Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) is soaring.

When shortstop Zander Bogarts pushed out Ha-seong Kim and was nominated as San Diego’s starting shortstop, local media outlets from other teams are scrambling to recruit Ha-seong Kim through a trade.

These are the Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, and Miami Marlins fansites.

All of them insisted that Kim Ha-seong should fill the gap created by the departure of the main shortstop, saying, “Although Kim Ha-seong’s offensive power is somewhat lacking, his defense is at a level worthy of a Gold Glove Award.” 메이저놀이터

Atlanta lost Golden Glove Award winner Dansby Swanson to the Chicago Cubs.

The San Francisco Giants snatched Minnesota’s Carlos Correa.

Miami said that it is not satisfied with its current shortstop, and ordered that it should give a pitcher to San Diego, which needs reinforcements, and bring Kim Ha-seong.

However, San Diego has no intention of trading Kim Ha-seong at all. Even if Ha-seong Kim does not become the main second baseman, it can be useful as a utility agent.