Gyeongnam Information High School won the 3rd weight category in the individual event at the Korea Sports Council Ssireum Competition

Gyeongnam Information High School stood out in the individual competition following the group competition.

On the 5th (Friday), Gyeongnam Information안전놀이터 High School won the 3 weight classes in the individual competition at the ‘1st Korea Sports Council Janggi National Jangsa Ssireum Competition’ held at Dahyang Gymnasium in Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, and achieved another good result following the group competition.

Commissioner level (under 80kg) Lee Yong-soo (Gyeongnam Information High School) caught Lee Song-in (Hyunil High School) with a snatch and throwback, and took first place with a score of 2-0. In the Yongjang class (under 85kg), Eunsu Lee (Gyeongnam Jeongbo High School) took first place 2-0 by knocking Yuhanbin (Songgok High School) down with Deulbaejigi and Andari techniques. In addition, Kim Nam-woo (Gyeongnam Information High School) defeated Lee Ho-sang (Namnyeong High School) in the warrior class (under 90kg). After taking the lead by one point with the snatch, Lee Ho-sang was beaten by the field manager and allowed a tie, but brought the last round to the snatch and reached the championship.

Meanwhile, Kim Do-heon (Yeosu Technical High School) defeated Lee Hyuk-joon (Bupyeong High School) 2-1 in the long class (under 135 kg) competition and won his first gold medal.