Gyeonggi Athletic High School’s Lee Seo-jin wins the 200m butterfly with President Bae Soo-young

Lee Seo-jin (Gyeonggi Physical Education High School) won the gold medal in the women’s 200m butterfly at the 42nd Presidential Cup National Swimming Championships.

On the second day of the competition, which continued at Wansan Swimming Pool in Jeonju, Jeonbuk on the 13th, Lee Seo-jin recorded a record of 2 minutes 15 seconds 98 in the finals of the 200m butterfly for women’s high school. , and took the touchpad first.

In addition, in the men’s general division 200m butterfly final, Hwang Bo Jun-heon (Incheon City Hall) took first place with a time of 1:59:54, ahead of Kim Min-seong (Korea National University of Physical Education, 1:59:67) and Chang In-seok (Army Sports Corps, 2:00:13). In the same event in the south-central region, Lee Hoon-hee (Anyang Shinseong Middle School) won the gold medal with a record of 2:06:45, beating Lee Cheong-jin (Seoul Oryun Middle School, 2:06:53) and Cho Seung-jun (Gunpo Dojo Middle School, 2:10:15). Acquired.

In the women’s 200m butterfly butterfly, Se-hyeon Mun (Ansan Seongpo Middle School) won the championship with a time of 2:15:61, beating Kim Chae-yoon (Daejeon Tanbang Middle School, 2:15:71) and Park Seo-rin (Gwacheon Middle School, 2:17:54). Suji Choi (Eunyeoul Elementary School, Gimpo) took first place with a time of 2 minutes 25 seconds 26, ahead of Jeon Seo-woo (Yongin Seowon Elementary School, 2 minutes 30 seconds 80) and Kang Da-hyun (Gimcheon Bugok Elementary School, 2 minutes 36 seconds 30).토토사이트

In the South Chobu 200m butterfly final, Gaon Lee (Yangjeongcho, Gunpo) won the championship by beating Lee Chanbi (Incheon KBS Sports JHR, 2:21:16) and Kim Jiho (Inseongcho, Incheon, 2:27:03) with a time of 2:20:30.

In the Namdaebu 50m freestyle, Kim Dong-hyeok (Anyang Sungkyul University) won the gold medal with a time of 23.84, ahead of Lee Ju-seong (Korea National University of Physical Education, 23.96) and Shin Jung-ho (Korea National University of Physical Education, 24.21.21), and South Korean National University of Physical Education, Lee Hyuk-min (Incheon Physical High School) won the gold medal. With a time of 23.72 seconds, he held the supremacy ahead of Jaewoo Cho (Chungbuk Physical Education High School, 23.78 seconds) and Seonwoo Park (Gyeonggi Physical Education High School, 23.90 seconds).

In addition, Moon Do-joon (Gapyeong Miwon Elementary School) split the golden stream by beating Kim Ji-won (Incheon Yeongseon Elementary School, 27 seconds 24 seconds) and Park Seung-jae (Seoul Guronam Elementary School, 27 seconds 32 seconds) in the 50m freestyle final in Namchobu with a time of 26.99 seconds.