GS Caltex, ‘falling to 5th place’ vs. Korea Expressway Corporation ‘trying to protect 3rd place’

GS Caltex and Korea Expressway Corporation will face off in the fourth round. The two teams will start the match at 7:00 pm on the 27th at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. This is the last game of the 4th round of the women’s division this season.

The home team GS Caltex is 5th with 11 wins, 12 losses and 33 points. Recently, KGC Ginseng Corporation, IBK Industrial Bank, and Hyundai E&C met strong and difficult opponents and ran 3 consecutive wins to rise to 3rd place, but on the 23rd they lost to the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank 1-3 and the atmosphere subsided.

In the match against Pepper Savings Bank, foreign player Moma did not participate. Today, this part of Gyeonggi-do is a variable. Moma’s injuries are not that great. MoMA is showing a willingness to participate, and since he attended the court adaptation training the previous day, if there are no special variables on the day, the weight will be on the side of participation.

If GS Caltex wins 3 points in today’s game, it can move up two steps to 3rd place. It’s a great opportunity. We must not forget that the victory points we won today will act as a great force in the 5th and 6th rounds. 토토사이트

The away team, Korea Expressway Corporation, is in third place with 12 wins, 11 losses and 35 points. Recently suffered shutout defeats against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Heungkuk Life Insurance, but on the 24th, it has raised the mood by winning 3-1 over leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Winning today’s game is very important.

In the three confrontations between GS Caltex and Korea Expressway Corporation this season, Expressway Corporation has a 2-1 advantage. The 1st and 2nd rounds were victories for Korea Expressway Corporation, and GS Caltex won 3-1 in the 3rd round match held on December 27 last year.

Today’s game is a little different from the previous one in that the foreign player of the Korea Expressway Corporation is Catbell, not Katarina. Catbell is still in sync with the setter, but it is clear that things are changing little by little. Also, it is necessary to look carefully at this part in that Park Jung-ah’s performance in the last game caught my eye.

GS Caltex can overwhelm the opponent with its unique ‘dakgong mode’ only when the triangular formation of Kang So-hui and Yoo Seo-yeon spreads their wings in the midst of MoMA’s performance. Banging here and there is the team’s trademark. In order to create such a pace, you have to drive from the beginning and set the mood on the court. It is very important that this part can be achieved.

GS Caltex has a weakness in height. Korea Expressway Corporation is a team with strong blocking. Receive and defense are also good. In the end, it seems that the difference in blocking today will be the difference between victory and defeat.

Both teams have had a lot of ups and downs this season. The difference between a good day and a sudden shaking was significant. The result was a defeat against the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank. Pepper Savings Bank’s two wins this season came against the two teams playing today.

As the season progresses, it is unavoidable that there are good days and bad days. However, reducing the gap is a big task.

Today’s game is also physically difficult, and it will be held at a point where it is not easy mentally. If you do your best to achieve results, a short break period awaits. It’s time to focus.

It is the final game of the 4th round between GS Caltex, which is trying to rise to 3rd place, and Korea Expressway Corporation, which is trying to move forward while maintaining 3rd place.