‘Goodbye Nnoko’ kt recruits Indonesian naturalized player Prosper

Landry Nnoko leaves and Lester Prosper enters.

2022-23 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Suwon kt, the lowest ranked player, chose a change. First of all, replace the nnoko. His replacement is Prosper, a naturalized Indonesian player.

Eunnoko is a foreign player that kt ambitiously recruited. He played in the Euroleague, but failed to adapt to the Korean stage. In particular, during the off season, Eunnoko was immersed in preparing for synergy with Kim Min-wook, but due to an injury, kt had no choice but to play basketball centered on EJ Anoshike.

Prosper, who kt recruited instead of Nnoko, is a 207 cm big man from the Dominican Republic, but naturalized in Indonesia in 2020 and competed with the Korean national basketball team in the past.

Prosper, who has mostly played in overseas leagues, recently played in the Philippines. It is difficult to trust 100% in the stats of foreign players in the Philippine league, but Prosper’s scoring ability has already been proven on the FIBA ​​stage. 토토

The important thing is that Prosper is not the main foreign player. kt is in the final stages of recruiting foreign players to replace Anoshike. It is expected that two new foreign players will be available as early as next week.