Geunyeong Girls’ High School 3rd grade duo Seo Ji-hye and Lee Tae-min, challenge for the first championship in 11 years 

Photo_Seo Ji-hye (left), Lee Tae-min (right)

“I will do my best to reach the top.”

Jeonju Geunyeong Girls’ High School won the 2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Volleyball Competition (hereafter Taebaek Mountain Cup) held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do on the 15th after a close match against Gyeongnam Girls’ High School. They won against Gyeongnam Girls’ High School, Cheonan Cheongsu High School, and Mokpo Girls’ High School, both in Group B, and Jeonju Geunyoung Girls’ High School succeeded in advancing to the finals by finishing first in their group.

In the last 2023 Spring Federation, Geunyeong Girls’ High School recorded a splendid feat of reaching the finals 11 years after KGC Ginseng Corporation Lee So-young played an active part. It’s been a long time since I made it to the finals, but unfortunately I stayed in the runner-up, giving the championship cup to Hanbom High School.

Geunyoung Girls’ High School, leaving behind the disappointment of the runner-up, this time goes beyond the finals and challenges to win the championship. In this game, Seo Ji-hye (3rd grade, OH, 174cm) and Lee Tae-min (3rd grade, OP, 177cm) put the karate performance at the forefront.

After the game, Seo Ji-hye said, “If she showed more of our play, she could easily have solved it, but it’s a pity she couldn’t. Nevertheless, I am happy to win and move up to first place in the finals,” she said of her victory.

Following this, Lee Tae-min said, “I expected it to be difficult, but there were things that we couldn’t solve on the court바카라사이트. It was a difficult match, but I’m sorry, but I’m glad I won.”

On this day, Geunyoung Girls’ High School showed ups and downs in each set. Repeated giving and winning, leading the match to the 5th set. Whenever there was a difficult hurdle, he led the team as the main axis.

Both players are in their third year, Seo Ji-hye said, “I try to give advice and set the mood according to the situation,” and Lee Tae-min said, “Even if I make a mistake while fighting, I do it while reading.”

Seo Ji-hye, who is the captain and was in charge of a large portion of the team’s receiving, said, “I thought the receiving was stable in the team, so I tried to take it wide.” In addition to her, she was able to get a glimpse of the scene where she talked the most with the setter on the court. He said, “As a sophomore, I still see a lot of nervousness. So he gave me a lot of advice on how to raise it in each situation.”

Lee Tae-min’s serve stood out. He shook the opponent’s receive while using a serve form similar to that of Moon Jeong-won of the Korea Expressway Corporation. In particular, the serve he showed in the 5th set took the lead in scoring consecutively. Lee Tae-min said, “After coming to Geun-yeong Girls’ High School, the teachers advised me to do it with confidence. Thanks to the other people’s good attitude towards serving, I gained confidence and became good at it.”

Both players had the same goal of winning the tournament. “Our team is good this year. I will do my best in the remaining games so that I can rise to the top by working as hard as I can.”