From ‘first 5 enemies’ to ‘8 enemies outside the hospital’…”Lee Jae-myeong, you have to break up with your dog’s daughter”

The Democratic Party’s strong supporters, the so-called daughters of reform, actively defended Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who was withdrawn due to the controversy over the’large virtual currency’.

It may not be possible to stop free political expression of opinion, but it is pointed out that the conflict within the party is further intensified by continuing the offensive of ‘taking coordinates’ and criticizing people who criticize Congressman Kim.

This is reporter Ahn Yoon-hak’s report.

[Reporter] Although
the public criticizes the public over the controversy over the ‘large virtual currency’ of Congressman Nam-guk Kim, especially the fact of ‘coin transaction during the standing committee’, the strong supporters of the

Democratic Party, the so-called daughters of the Democratic Party, are shouting ‘Kim Nam-guk protection’.

A petition has been raised within the party to not want Rep. Kim out of the party or to punish the Democratic Party’s National University Student Committee for criticizing Rep. Kim, and is gaining a lot of consent.

Young politicians who insisted on resigning from Congressman Kim’s position were branded as ‘eight enemies outside the hospital’.

[Park Seong-min / Former Supreme Council Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (12th): If all the information in the media reports is true, I think I can even resign as a member of the National Assembly.] Previously메이저놀이터, the ‘first 5 enemies’ were also targeted by strong supporters


In April 2021, after losing the re-election, the target was five first-timers who issued the first statement of reflection in the party related to the’motherland incident’.

[Oh Yeong-hwan / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (April 2021): I thought former Minister Cho Kook was a byword for prosecution reform. However, in the process, many people are angry and divided… .]

[Kim Ok-seon / Democratic Party Rights Party member (April 2021): Do you think you can wear the gold badge again next time if you blame the party members for losing the election, blame the motherland, and blame the Blue House?

] ‘Tapping the coordinates’ and accusatory text attacks flew in without a hitch.

At the time of the withdrawal of the consent motion for Lee’s arrest, the ‘list of those who failed in the general election’ was circulated, and voices of ballmen broke out around the screaming world.

[Lee Sang-min / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (March): You shouldn’t say that the Democratic Party can’t find out. Wasn’t it the case that during the Nazi era, Christians were forced to step on the cross to find out?]

CEO Lee, who judged that it was rather an obstacle to resolving party conflicts, issued self-restraint orders several times.

[Lee Jae-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (March): We must minimize the hatred towards our comrades. Let’s point the gun out… .]

However, there is still an ongoing argument within the party that Lee should first declare a breakup with the strong supporters.

[Park Yong-jin / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (15th, CBS’Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’): In the case of Congressman Lee Won-wook, please clarify the separation for the dog daughters and then the gangseong party members. Just looking at CEO Lee Jae-myung, I hope you will put down the position of the head of ‘Jae-myung’s Village’.]

Of course, in the elections in the metropolitan area, where a close match will take place ahead of next year’s general election, a ‘realism’ is raised that it is difficult to win without strong supporters and dog-daughter forces.

However, as factional conflicts caused by bad news within the party are repeatedly expanded and reproduced by them, and negatively reflected in the approval rating of the middle class, it is expected that CEO Lee’s troubles will grow.

This is YTN Ahn Yun-hak.