Five members, including Na Won-tak, Jo Se-jin, and Jang Doo-seong, return to Korea on the 17th… Lotte “Japanese camp is focused on players who will compete”

The Lotte Giants started organizing their roster ahead of spring camp in Japan.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Lotte announced, 슬롯사이트 “Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon, Cho Se-jin, Han Tae-yang, and Jang Du-seong will return to Korea on the 17th.”

Lotte, which is currently conducting a spring camp in Guam, will move to Ishigaki, Japan from the 20th and hold a Japanese spring camp. An official from Lotte said, “Considering the condition, we confirmed the list for the Japanese spring camp, focusing on players who will compete. Additional early return players have not been decided.”

fter digesting the camp schedule, such as having an exchange match with the Chiba Lotte Group 2 in Ishigaki until the 26th, Lotte plans to develop a sense of actual combat through practice matches with KBO league teams in Okinawa from the 27th.

Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon, Cho Se-jin, Han Tae-yang, and Jang Doo-seong, who have decided to return home early, will join the Sangdong camp on the 19th after a day’s rest after returning to Korea on the 17th.