‘Fall baseball’ probability KIA 72.8%-SSG 69.6%-Doosan 59.9%… Kang Seung-ho is the 1st ‘reverse cycle’ 

Kang Seung-ho (29, Doosan) became the 30th ‘cycling hit’ in professional baseball. Doosan, ranked 6th, chased KIA, ranked 5th, with a winning percentage of 0.001.

In the Gwangju game on the 15th, where Doosan won 8-6 against KIA, Kang Seung-ho hit a home run in the top of the 3rd inning, a triple in the top of the 5th, and a double in the top of the 6th, and then hit a single on a pitcher’s batted ball in the top of the 9th, making a cycling hit. Completed.

In the United States, cycling hits in the order of home run → triple → double → single is called a ‘reverse cycle’.

Kang Seung-ho was the first to hit a reverse cycling hit in Korean professional baseball.

In American professional baseball’s Major League Baseball (MLB), 10 out of 344 cycling hits were reverse cycling hits, and in Japanese professional baseball, 2 out of 76 were reverse cycling hits.

Kang Seung-ho, the first person in professional baseball history to succeed in a ‘reverse cycle’. Provided by Doosan
Conversely, the order of single → double → triple → home run is called the ‘natural cycle’.

In Korean professional baseball, Kim Eung-guk (57, Lotte) recorded a natural cycling hit in a home game against Hanwha on April 14, 1996.

Natural Cycle appeared 15 times in MLB and 5 times in Japan.

With Kang Seung-ho’s cycling hit that day, Doosan (6 times) became the team with the most cycling hits, surpassing Samsung (5 times), which was tied for first place.

Previously, Lim Hyung-seok (55), Lee Jong-wook (43), Oh Jae-won (38), Park Geon-woo (33), and Jeong Jin-ho (35) had successful cycling hits as Doosan (OB) players.

KIA, ranked 5th, has a higher probability of advancing to fall baseball than SSG, which is ranked 4th.
With the win on this day, Doosan had 62 wins, 1 draw, and 57 losses (a winning percentage of 0.521), increasing its win-loss margin to +5.

Doosan is now in 6th place, only behind in winning percentage, without a win, to KIA, which has 60 wins, 2 draws, and 55 losses (winning percentage of 0.522).바카라

Depending on the results of the remaining games, Doosan may also overtake the 4th place position held by SSG (62 wins, 2 draws, 56 losses, winning percentage 0.525).

According to psodds.com, a site that predicts season performance through Monte Carlo simulation, the probability that Doosan will advance to ‘fall baseball’ as of today is 59.9%.

The probability is lower than KIA (72.8%) or SSG (69.6%), but compared to 7th place Lotte (1.9%), it can be said that they are clearly competing for ranking.

LG Oh Ji-hwan races through the rain. Provided by LG
LG, the leader in professional baseball, won a cold game against Hanwha 4-3 in the 7th inning in a visit to Daejeon.

NC, ranked 3rd, defeated Samsung 8-1 in a home game in Changwon.

The gap between LG and second-place KT, which did not have a game that day, widened by 5.5 games, and the gap between KT and NC decreased to 0.5 games.

In the Sajik match between Lotte and Kiwoom, there was a final push, and Lotte recorded a 5-4 win.