‘Don’t get hurt!’ Suzy smiled.. A warm heart is a bonus ‘Talk of beautiful women’

 Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank), who transformed into a commentator for ‘Suzy’s sister laughed brightly’, greeted the two younger sisters she met on the court.

Suji Kim, who appeared on the court in a clean outfit after taking off the uniform she had worn throughout the season and covered in sweat, jumped to her feet and covered the scene. IBK Industrial Bank middle blocker Kim Su-ji안전놀이터, who surprisingly transformed into a guest commentator ahead of the second game of the championship match, showed off her wit.

On the 4th, the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium, where the 4th game of the V-League Women’s Division championship match was held between Expressway Corporation and Heungkuk Life Insurance. Kim Su-ji, who visited the scene, was busy on the court before the start of the game. After the pre-interview, Kim Su-ji stayed on the court and waited for someone. The main character was Jeong Dae-yeong (middle blocker), the best in the women’s division of the V-League at Korea Expressway Corporation.

Kim Soo-ji, who met Jeong Dae-yeong, a senior in the same position, held hands and talked for a while and shared affection. Bae Yoo-na and Park Jung-ah, who appeared in the midst of their conversation, played a prank on Kim Su-ji in the coat wearing plain clothes, not uniforms.

In particular, Park Jung-ah, who accompanied her advance to the semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, made her older sister Kim Su-ji burst into bread with her pleasant words. After greeting the road construction players, Kim Su-ji moved to the away team’s Heungkuk Life Insurance camp.

Lee Joo-ah, who was preparing for training, shared a hug with commentator Kim Su-ji with a surprised expression. She was expected to say hello to her best friend Kim Yeon-kyung, but Kim Su-ji left to prepare for the broadcast.

The lively commentary delivered by active player Suji Kim, who has experienced spring volleyball and international competitions, adds to the fun of watching spring volleyball.