Doherty leaving Tottenham, “Tottenham must protect Conte”

 Matt Doherty (Atletico Madrid) from Tottenham Hotspur has come out in support of manager Antonio Conte.

The British media’Evening Standard’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time), “Doherty insisted that Tottenham should catch coach Conte.”

The recent relationship between Tottenham and manager Conte is unknown. Tottenham drew 3-3 with Southampton in an away game in the 28th round of the 2022-23 English Premier League (EPL) held at St. Mary’s Stadium on the 19th. After leading 3-1, they lost the victory by conceding two goals in succession. The shock was even greater as Southampton was at the bottom of the crisis.

Even in the race for 4th place, it was at a disadvantage. Currently, Tottenham (49 points) is in 4th place. They are 2 points ahead of 5th place Newcastle United 안전놀이터(47 points). The problem is that Newcastle played two less matches. This is a situation where rankings can be overturned at any time.

Tottenham have been eliminated from all competitions except the league. Realistically, the last remaining goal is 4th place. In the current situation, even the 4th place is at stake. This season could end in failure.

Then manager Conte also exploded. He pointed the arrow of criticism at Tottenham at the post-match press conference. “I see players being selfish and they don’t want to play under pressure,” Conte said of the squad. He also said, “I was the owner for 20 years, so why didn’t I win anything?”

As Conte expressed his dissatisfaction openly, the possibility of a breakup with Tottenham was reported one after another. The British media ‘Telegraph’ reported detailed news that “Tottenham will part ways with coach Conte within this week” and “Coach Ryan Mason will lead the next match.” Another media ‘Sky Sports’ also said that the situation would be sorted out quickly, saying, “It will be concluded within 48 hours.”

Doherty spoke out amidst Tottenham’s chaos. Having joined Tottenham in 2020, he moved to Atletico through the transfer window last winter. He also worked with Conte. I haven’t had many chances this season.

Doherty praised Conte, saying, “I want Conte to stay at Tottenham for a long time. He is an incredible coach and manager.” It was said that both tactical ability and team management are excellent.

“Coach Conte will never say in front of the press what he won’t say to his players,” he said.

Finally, Doherty said, “I want Tottenham to be with Conte for as long as possible. He is one of the best managers of all time.”