Dodgers fans, take a deep breath” A team that can still win the WS, but 111 wins is NO

The American media gave the Los Angeles Dodgers a D+ rating while looking at the offseason and grading each major league team.

On the 19th (Korean time),토토사이트ESPN first put the New York Mets in the A grade, saying, “We will divide the grades from the team that dominated the offseason to the team that leaves much to be desired.”

The ‘rich club’ Mets actively reinforced their power during the offseason. Some players left, such as Jacob deGrom (Texas) and Chris Bassett (Toronto), but they recruited Justin Verlander and Jose Quintana. In addition, he grabbed internal free agent Brandon Nemo and spared no money to recruit Senga Kodaly.

The Dodgers have more losses. The media said, “The Dodgers are still a team that can win the World Series. However, it is not a team that will win 111 again.” The Dodgers won the division championship with 111 wins (51 losses) in the National League West last year.

However, this year, 111 wins are considered difficult. The reason is that there are many players who left. The media said, “The Dodgers have lost a lot of key veterans. The alternative will be internal forces such as Miguel Vargas and James Outman.”

The Dodgers left many players, including shortstop Trey Turner, third baseman Justin Turner, outfielder Cody Bellinger, left-handers Tyler Anderson and Andrew Heaney, and right-hander Chris Martin. In addition, Trevor Bauer, who had been accused of sexual assault in the past, was eventually released.

Both the mound and the batter’s line lose a lot of power. In particular, the departure of the tray turner can be a big blow. The media said, “The Dodgers will miss Trey Turner.” He then rated the Dodgers a D+.

The Western Division’s rivals, the San Diego Padres, were rated B+. The San Francisco Giants, like the Dodgers, also received a D+, last season the fourth-ranked Arizona Diamondbacks in the division received a B-, and the fifth-ranked Colorado Rockies received the lowest grade of F